When it comes to networking, both are equally important. You need to exit a conversation tactfully to make sure you leave a lasting, good impression. When entrepreneur Tim Ferris wasn’t well-known, he would go to high-end events and attend moderated panels. When the panel ended, instead of standing in line to chat with the panelists, Ferris would approach the moderator. Whenever you’re in a new place, be it an event or an office, you should try to identify influential people.

  • CNBC reports the same percentage of jobs (80%) arefilled through professional and personal connections.
  • “Your delivery has to be attention grabbing to overcome interruptions and compensate for a lack of privacy,” she says.
  • Networking leads to information and job leads, often before a formal job description is created or a job announced.
  • Take some time to think about your network’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • Our talk was part of the Skillcrush Land Your Dream Job Webinar Summit, a free 2-day web clinic packed with invaluable job search advice from expert guests.

We set out to achieve some lofty goals and by supporting each other and driving towards the same end goal we were able to create some true virtual event magic. The conference delivered in numbers, content, programming, and production. Overall, events offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with others and can provide many benefits for personal and professional growth. Being empathetic is essential for networking because it enables you to connect with people on a deeper level and build more meaningful relationships.

Networking and the Internet

While the days sales in inventory may not have an answer for you that night, they may have an idea later. Always close by saying something like, “If you need anything, please reach out to me or connect via LinkedIn” and present your business card. This is essential for building strong relationships – it shows that we’re interested in what the other person has to say and that we’re paying attention. When we’re networking, we’re often so focused on sharing that we might not take the time to really listen to the other person. You may be thinking, how can I make connections if we just talk about them the whole time?

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Asking for specific information, leads, or an interview is much more focused and easier for the networking source. Networking is nothing more than getting to know people. Whether you realize it or not, you’re already networking every day and everywhere you go. Everyone you meet can help you move your job search forward. Almost anyone can market themselves as a journalist if they operate a single blog. Simply use interviewing as a way to reach out to people and make valuable connections.

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Remember that you admire this person because you respect their thought leadership. Give them a chance to admire you, too, by sparking an interesting and relevant conversation. As anyone who has ever looked for a job can attest, the process can be daunting. Knowing who to reach out to can make all the difference. Some conversations will run their course quickly, so you need to part ways respectfully. Fleishman has some great ideas on how to tackle this.

  • This free trial lets you experience Schweser’s QBank, SchweserNotes™, and InstructorLink—with no risk to you.
  • Your approach to getting what you want from networking isn’t all that different, except it’s important to express your flexibility.
  • In 2014, I got hired at Skillcrush…via Gchat.
  • Every person you meet is a vault containing a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience.
  • Your interests can serve you well at work events, too.
  • Eventually, you will understand how to network when you meet many people in a social or professional gathering.

If you are shy, approaching strangers can be scary. So start slow by networking with relatives and friends. There’s no better way to establish a business networking relationship than to contribute to the solution of your new contact’s pressing problem. If someone tells you about a particular challenge they’re facing, try to respond—no later than the next morning—with a piece of info that can help them address their issue. So in the end, the quality-oriented networker—the thoughtful individual who always tries to give better than they get—should have the advantage.

How to network with people online

And this is another way in which positivity and humor come into play. If you’re an upbeat, funny interviewer, your subjects are going to remember you. If networking intimidates you — or you think you’re all set and don’t need to do it to begin with!


It’s important to remember that networking isn’t like speed-dating. The goal isn’t to meet as many people as you can – it’s to make valuable connections. Networking can be fun when you go in with the right attitude. My goal is to get others to talk more than I do. To do this, I recommend you ask open ended questions so the other person talks a lot.

Have some conversation starters ready.

However, after I started, our first virtual conference had 5x the number of attendees than the virtual webinar. I was very intentional about making our virtual event as interactive as possible, since the in-person element was missing. The addition of live, rather than pre-recorded, elements was a game changer. Determining creative ways to engage with attendees virtually and create a meaningful event that isn’t like all the other virtual events going on at the same time. For ImageCon, we measure brand lift and visibility and return on investment. We consider how many customers attend the event, and how their retention, renewals, and cross sales metrics compare to customers that did not attend the summit.

building and maintaining

Then you can shoot them a message a couple of times a year when you think it’s appropriate. When you have made a connection, remember to follow up within a few days. If you made any commitments (e.g., to share an interesting article you saw, to send information about a product or a link to a useful website, etc.), remember to follow through on them. If not, it’s good practice to reach out just to keep in touch. Do not be the person looking to collect X business cards over the course of an event. Rather, exchange information when you have a good conversation, have mutual interests with someone, or have a topic to discuss at a later time.

But everyone can choose which motivational focus to bring to networking. Concentrate on the positives—how it’s going to help you boost the knowledge and skills that are needed in your job—and the activity will begin to seem much more worthwhile. Here are some articles that will help you get more details about networking strategies, so go through the links.

Hannah Fleishman, director of employer brand and internal communications at HubSpot, underlines that networking isn’t like speed-dating. It’s not about meeting as many people as possible; it’s about building promising connections. The results show that weak ties have a huge impact on job mobility and career advancement. Particularly in digital industries, where professionals frequent networking events.

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We started with a complete understanding of our marketing and business priorities globally and within specific geographies. Any decision we made was grounded in data and business context. The biggest challenge from an event marketing perspective was engaging companies through sponsorship activations for our event. With virtual having lower engagement and interest for attendees, it made it challenging to offer value add for companies. I had to find creative ways and non-traditional ways to engage them.

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Building a business: ‘Be patient, dream big, work hard’.

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There’s no better way to get ahead and expand your network than to spend time with people who already have achieved your same goals. Don’t take it personally and don’t dwell on it. You don’t marry everyone you meet; you won’t be friends or business partners with everyone you meet either. Meeting people and not hitting it off is all part of the process. Promotion-focused people networked because they wanted to and approached the activity with excitement, curiosity, and an open mind about all the possibilities that might unfold. Prevention-focused people saw networking as a necessary evil and felt inauthentic while engaged in it, so they did it less often and, as a result, underperformed in aspects of their jobs.

Map, assess, and strengthen your professional relationships. The more heartfelt the expression of gratitude, the greater its value to the recipient. The recipients no doubt appreciated the personalized update and acknowledgement. We listened to our customers and brought content they really wanted.

Sometimes networking can lead to things that seem daunting. These things really can happen just by interacting and developing relationships with people in the right circles. Informational interviews are treasure troves of information. If you told someone you’d get in touch with them, do it and reaffirm your intent to assist in any way you can. If you promised to introduce someone to a person you know, take the time to do it. Everyone is busy these days with jobs, families, events, commitments — even so, it takes no more than a minute to shoot off an email to introduce two people you want to connect.

The best networkers recognize the value of building good relationships. Having the right relationships in place can lead to sustained business success. Pushing for the quick sale is short-sighted and can turn people off. If you are planning on attending an event, research who will be there and identify people that you would like to meet. It may be helpful to look up people and companies on LinkedIn to prepare for potential conversations.

For instance, I ran a biweekly event series with guest speakers ranging from the Chief People Officer at Zillow to the Global Diversity Officers at Google and American Express. I measured attendance over time to determine which speakers and topics were of the most interest and which marketing platforms were most successful at promoting the event. Our annual conference truly embodies one of our core values as a company; One Team. It took an actual village of Snykers to ideate, build and execute this virtual event. It also pushed the collective team to practice what we preach so to speak in another one of our core values; Think Bigger.

Make Your Networking Less Painful With These 27 Tips

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